Commit ae7440ef authored by Ulf Magnusson's avatar Ulf Magnusson Committed by Masahiro Yamada
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kconfig: Fix automatic menu creation mem leak

expr_trans_compare() always allocates and returns a new expression,
giving the following leak outline:

	basedep = expr_trans_compare(basedep, E_UNEQUAL, &symbol_no);
	for (menu = parent->next; menu; menu = menu->next) {
		dep2 = expr_copy(basedep);
		*Free copy*
	*basedep lost!*

Fix by freeing 'basedep' after the loop.

Summary from Valgrind on 'menuconfig' (ARCH=x86) before the fix:

	   definitely lost: 344,376 bytes in 14,349 blocks

Summary after the fix:

	   definitely lost: 44,448 bytes in 1,852 blocks
Signed-off-by: default avatarUlf Magnusson <>
Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada's avatarMasahiro Yamada <>
parent 0724a7c3
......@@ -440,6 +440,7 @@ void menu_finalize(struct menu *parent)
menu->parent = parent;
last_menu = menu;
if (last_menu) {
parent->list = parent->next;
parent->next = last_menu->next;
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