Commit b00d2092 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge tag 'compiler-attributes-for-linus-v4.20-rc2' of

Pull compiler attribute fixlets from Miguel Ojeda:
 "Small improvements to Compiler Attributes:

   - Define asm_volatile_goto for non-gcc compilers (Nick Desaulniers)

   - Improve the explanation of compiler_attributes.h"

* tag 'compiler-attributes-for-linus-v4.20-rc2' of
  Compiler Attributes: improve explanation of header
  include/linux/compiler*.h: define asm_volatile_goto
parents d50ffc58 24efee41
......@@ -4,22 +4,26 @@
* The attributes in this file are unconditionally defined and they directly
* map to compiler attribute(s) -- except those that are optional.
* map to compiler attribute(s), unless one of the compilers does not support
* the attribute. In that case, __has_attribute is used to check for support
* and the reason is stated in its comment ("Optional: ...").
* Any other "attributes" (i.e. those that depend on a configuration option,
* on a compiler, on an architecture, on plugins, on other attributes...)
* should be defined elsewhere (e.g. compiler_types.h or compiler-*.h).
* The intention is to keep this file as simple as possible, as well as
* compiler- and version-agnostic (e.g. avoiding GCC_VERSION checks).
* This file is meant to be sorted (by actual attribute name,
* not by #define identifier). Use the __attribute__((__name__)) syntax
* (i.e. with underscores) to avoid future collisions with other macros.
* If an attribute is optional, state the reason in the comment.
* Provide links to the documentation of each supported compiler, if it exists.
* To check for optional attributes, we use __has_attribute, which is supported
* on gcc >= 5, clang >= 2.9 and icc >= 17. In the meantime, to support
* 4.6 <= gcc < 5, we implement __has_attribute by hand.
* __has_attribute is supported on gcc >= 5, clang >= 2.9 and icc >= 17.
* In the meantime, to support 4.6 <= gcc < 5, we implement __has_attribute
* by hand.
* sparse does not support __has_attribute (yet) and defines __GNUC_MINOR__
* depending on the compiler used to build it; however, these attributes have
......@@ -130,6 +130,10 @@ struct ftrace_likely_data {
# define randomized_struct_fields_end
#ifndef asm_volatile_goto
#define asm_volatile_goto(x...) asm goto(x)
/* Are two types/vars the same type (ignoring qualifiers)? */
#define __same_type(a, b) __builtin_types_compatible_p(typeof(a), typeof(b))
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