Commit d464572a authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge tag 'sound-4.20-rc2' of git://

Pull sound fixes from Takashi Iwai:
 "Two small regression fixes for HD-audio: one about vga_switcheroo and
  runtime PM, and another about Oops on some Thinkpads"

* tag 'sound-4.20-rc2' of git://
  ALSA: hda - Fix incorrect clearance of thinkpad_acpi hooks
  vga_switcheroo: Fix missing gpu_bound call at audio client registration
parents b00d2092 5e93a125
......@@ -380,6 +380,9 @@ int vga_switcheroo_register_audio_client(struct pci_dev *pdev,
return -EINVAL;
/* notify if GPU has been already bound */
if (ops->gpu_bound)
ops->gpu_bound(pdev, id);
......@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ static void hda_fixup_thinkpad_acpi(struct hda_codec *codec,
removefunc = false;
if (led_set_func(TPACPI_LED_MICMUTE, false) >= 0 &&
update_tpacpi_micmute) > 0)
removefunc = false;
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