Commit de3c7a18 authored by James Chapman's avatar James Chapman Committed by David S. Miller
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l2tp: Use ip4_datagram_connect() in l2tp_ip_connect()

Cleanup the l2tp_ip code to make use of an existing ipv4 support function.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Chapman <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 5de7aee5
...@@ -299,67 +299,27 @@ static int l2tp_ip_connect(struct sock *sk, struct sockaddr *uaddr, int addr_len ...@@ -299,67 +299,27 @@ static int l2tp_ip_connect(struct sock *sk, struct sockaddr *uaddr, int addr_len
{ {
struct sockaddr_l2tpip *lsa = (struct sockaddr_l2tpip *) uaddr; struct sockaddr_l2tpip *lsa = (struct sockaddr_l2tpip *) uaddr;
struct inet_sock *inet = inet_sk(sk); struct inet_sock *inet = inet_sk(sk);
struct flowi4 *fl4; int rc;
struct rtable *rt;
__be32 saddr;
int oif, rc;
rc = -EINVAL;
if (addr_len < sizeof(*lsa)) if (addr_len < sizeof(*lsa))
goto out; return -EINVAL;
if (lsa->l2tp_family != AF_INET)
goto out;
oif = sk->sk_bound_dev_if;
saddr = inet->inet_saddr;
rc = -EINVAL;
if (ipv4_is_multicast(lsa->l2tp_addr.s_addr)) if (ipv4_is_multicast(lsa->l2tp_addr.s_addr))
goto out; return -EINVAL;
fl4 = &inet->cork.fl.u.ip4; rc = ip4_datagram_connect(sk, uaddr, addr_len);
rt = ip_route_connect(fl4, lsa->l2tp_addr.s_addr, saddr, if (rc < 0)
RT_CONN_FLAGS(sk), oif, return rc;
0, 0, sk, true);
if (IS_ERR(rt)) {
rc = PTR_ERR(rt);
if (rc == -ENETUNREACH)
goto out;
rc = -ENETUNREACH; lock_sock(sk);
if (rt->rt_flags & (RTCF_MULTICAST | RTCF_BROADCAST)) {
goto out;
l2tp_ip_sk(sk)->peer_conn_id = lsa->l2tp_conn_id; l2tp_ip_sk(sk)->peer_conn_id = lsa->l2tp_conn_id;
if (!inet->inet_saddr)
inet->inet_saddr = fl4->saddr;
if (!inet->inet_rcv_saddr)
inet->inet_rcv_saddr = fl4->saddr;
inet->inet_daddr = fl4->daddr;
sk->sk_state = TCP_ESTABLISHED;
inet->inet_id = jiffies;
sk_dst_set(sk, &rt->dst);
write_lock_bh(&l2tp_ip_lock); write_lock_bh(&l2tp_ip_lock);
hlist_del_init(&sk->sk_bind_node); hlist_del_init(&sk->sk_bind_node);
sk_add_bind_node(sk, &l2tp_ip_bind_table); sk_add_bind_node(sk, &l2tp_ip_bind_table);
write_unlock_bh(&l2tp_ip_lock); write_unlock_bh(&l2tp_ip_lock);
rc = 0;
release_sock(sk); release_sock(sk);
return rc; return rc;
} }
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