Commit ec323368 authored by Florian Westphal's avatar Florian Westphal Committed by David S. Miller
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sched: remove qdisc arg from __qdisc_dequeue_head

Moves qdisc stat accouting to qdisc_dequeue_head.

The only direct caller of the __qdisc_dequeue_head version open-codes
this now.

This allows us to later use __qdisc_dequeue_head as a replacement
of __skb_dequeue() (which operates on sk_buff_head list).
Signed-off-by: default avatarFlorian Westphal <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 97d0678f
......@@ -614,11 +614,17 @@ static inline int qdisc_enqueue_tail(struct sk_buff *skb, struct Qdisc *sch)
return __qdisc_enqueue_tail(skb, sch, &sch->q);
static inline struct sk_buff *__qdisc_dequeue_head(struct Qdisc *sch,
struct sk_buff_head *list)
static inline struct sk_buff *__qdisc_dequeue_head(struct sk_buff_head *list)
struct sk_buff *skb = __skb_dequeue(list);
return skb;
static inline struct sk_buff *qdisc_dequeue_head(struct Qdisc *sch)
struct sk_buff *skb = __qdisc_dequeue_head(&sch->q);
if (likely(skb != NULL)) {
qdisc_qstats_backlog_dec(sch, skb);
qdisc_bstats_update(sch, skb);
......@@ -627,11 +633,6 @@ static inline struct sk_buff *__qdisc_dequeue_head(struct Qdisc *sch,
return skb;
static inline struct sk_buff *qdisc_dequeue_head(struct Qdisc *sch)
return __qdisc_dequeue_head(sch, &sch->q);
/* Instead of calling kfree_skb() while root qdisc lock is held,
* queue the skb for future freeing at end of __dev_xmit_skb()
......@@ -506,7 +506,12 @@ static struct sk_buff *pfifo_fast_dequeue(struct Qdisc *qdisc)
if (likely(band >= 0)) {
struct sk_buff_head *list = band2list(priv, band);
struct sk_buff *skb = __qdisc_dequeue_head(qdisc, list);
struct sk_buff *skb = __qdisc_dequeue_head(list);
if (likely(skb != NULL)) {
qdisc_qstats_backlog_dec(qdisc, skb);
qdisc_bstats_update(qdisc, skb);
if (skb_queue_empty(list))
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