Commit edd63cb6 authored by Jason Wessel's avatar Jason Wessel
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sysrq,kdb: Use __handle_sysrq() for kdb's sysrq function

The kdb code should not toggle the sysrq state in case an end user
wants to try and resume the normal kernel execution.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Wessel <>
Acked-by: default avatarDmitry Torokhov <>
parent b0679c63
......@@ -493,7 +493,7 @@ static void __sysrq_put_key_op(int key, struct sysrq_key_op *op_p)
sysrq_key_table[i] = op_p;
static void __handle_sysrq(int key, struct tty_struct *tty, int check_mask)
void __handle_sysrq(int key, struct tty_struct *tty, int check_mask)
struct sysrq_key_op *op_p;
int orig_log_level;
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ struct sysrq_key_op {
void handle_sysrq(int key, struct tty_struct *tty);
void __handle_sysrq(int key, struct tty_struct *tty, int check_mask);
int register_sysrq_key(int key, struct sysrq_key_op *op);
int unregister_sysrq_key(int key, struct sysrq_key_op *op);
struct sysrq_key_op *__sysrq_get_key_op(int key);
......@@ -1820,9 +1820,8 @@ static int kdb_sr(int argc, const char **argv)
if (argc != 1)
handle_sysrq(*argv[1], NULL);
__handle_sysrq(*argv[1], NULL, 0);
return 0;
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