1. 18 Nov, 2017 38 commits
  2. 17 Nov, 2017 2 commits
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      Merge tag 'libnvdimm-for-4.15' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/nvdimm/nvdimm · a3841f94
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull libnvdimm and dax updates from Dan Williams:
       "Save for a few late fixes, all of these commits have shipped in -next
        releases since before the merge window opened, and 0day has given a
        build success notification.
        The ext4 touches came from Jan, and the xfs touches have Darrick's
        reviewed-by. An xfstest for the MAP_SYNC feature has been through
        a few round of reviews and is on track to be merged.
         - Introduce MAP_SYNC and MAP_SHARED_VALIDATE, a mechanism to enable
           'userspace flush' of persistent memory updates via filesystem-dax
           mappings. It arranges for any filesystem metadata updates that may
           be required to satisfy a write fault to also be flushed ("on disk")
           before the kernel returns to userspace from the fault handler.
           Effectively every write-fault that dirties metadata completes an
           fsync() before returning from the fault handler. The new
           MAP_SHARED_VALIDATE mapping type guarantees that the MAP_SYNC flag
           is validated as supported by the filesystem's ->mmap() file
         - Add support for the standard ACPI 6.2 label access methods that
           replace the NVDIMM_FAMILY_INTEL (vendor specific) label methods.
           This enables interoperability with environments that only implement
           the standardized methods.
         - Add support for the ACPI 6.2 NVDIMM media error injection methods.
         - Add support for the NVDIMM_FAMILY_INTEL v1.6 DIMM commands for
           latch last shutdown status, firmware update, SMART error injection,
           and SMART alarm threshold control.
         - Cleanup physical address information disclosures to be root-only.
         - Fix revalidation of the DIMM "locked label area" status to support
           dynamic unlock of the label area.
         - Expand unit test infrastructure to mock the ACPI 6.2 Translate SPA
           (system-physical-address) command and error injection commands.
        Acknowledgements that came after the commits were pushed to -next:
         - 957ac8c4
       ("dax: fix PMD faults on zero-length files"):
      Reviewed-by: default avatarRoss Zwisler <ross.zwisler@linux.intel.com>
         - a39e596b ("xfs: support for synchronous DAX faults") and
           7b565c9f ("xfs: Implement xfs_filemap_pfn_mkwrite() using __xfs_filemap_fault()")
              Reviewed-by: Darrick J. Wong <darrick.wong@oracle.com>"
      * tag 'libnvdimm-for-4.15' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/nvdimm/nvdimm: (49 commits)
        acpi, nfit: add 'Enable Latch System Shutdown Status' command support
        dax: fix general protection fault in dax_alloc_inode
        dax: fix PMD faults on zero-length files
        dax: stop requiring a live device for dax_flush()
        brd: remove dax support
        dax: quiet bdev_dax_supported()
        fs, dax: unify IOMAP_F_DIRTY read vs write handling policy in the dax core
        tools/testing/nvdimm: unit test clear-error commands
        acpi, nfit: validate commands against the device type
        tools/testing/nvdimm: stricter bounds checking for error injection commands
        xfs: support for synchronous DAX faults
        xfs: Implement xfs_filemap_pfn_mkwrite() using __xfs_filemap_fault()
        ext4: Support for synchronous DAX faults
        ext4: Simplify error handling in ext4_dax_huge_fault()
        dax: Implement dax_finish_sync_fault()
        dax, iomap: Add support for synchronous faults
        mm: Define MAP_SYNC and VM_SYNC flags
        dax: Allow tuning whether dax_insert_mapping_entry() dirties entry
        dax: Allow dax_iomap_fault() to return pfn
        dax: Fix comment describing dax_iomap_fault()
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      Merge tag 'for-4.15/dm-changes-2' of... · adeba81a
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Merge tag 'for-4.15/dm-changes-2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/device-mapper/linux-dm
      Pull  more device mapper updates from Mike Snitzer:
       "Given your expected travel I figured I'd get these fixes to you sooner
        rather than later.
         - a DM multipath stable@ fix to silence an annoying error message
           that isn't _really_ an error
         - a DM core @stable fix for discard support that was enabled for an
           entire DM device despite only having partial support for discards
           due to a mix of discard capabilities across the underlying devices.
         - a couple other DM core discard fixes.
         - a DM bufio @stable fix that resolves a 32-bit overflow"
      * tag 'for-4.15/dm-changes-2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/device-mapper/linux-dm:
        dm bufio: fix integer overflow when limiting maximum cache size
        dm: clear all discard attributes in queue_limits when discards are disabled
        dm: do not set 'discards_supported' in targets that do not need it
        dm: discard support requires all targets in a table support discards
        dm mpath: remove annoying message of 'blk_get_request() returned -11'