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    workqueue: directly restore CPU affinity of workers from CPU_ONLINE · a9ab775b
    Tejun Heo authored
    Rebinding workers of a per-cpu pool after a CPU comes online involves
    a lot of back-and-forth mostly because only the task itself could
    adjust CPU affinity if PF_THREAD_BOUND was set.
    As CPU_ONLINE itself couldn't adjust affinity, it had to somehow
    coerce the workers themselves to perform set_cpus_allowed_ptr().  Due
    to the various states a worker can be in, this led to three different
    paths a worker may be rebound.  worker->rebind_work is queued to busy
    workers.  Idle ones are signaled by unlinking worker->entry and call
    idle_worker_rebind().  The manager isn't covered by either and
    implements its own mechanism.
    PF_THREAD_BOUND has been relaced with PF_NO_SETAFFINITY and CPU_ONLINE
    itself now can manipulate CPU affinity of workers.  This patch
    replaces the existing rebind mechanism with direct one where
    CPU_ONLINE iterates over all workers using for_each_pool_worker(),
    restores CPU affinity, and clears WORKER_UNBOUND.
    There are a couple subtleties.  All bound idle workers should have
    their runqueues set to that of the bound CPU; however, if the target
    task isn't running, set_cpus_allowed_ptr() just updates the
    cpus_allowed mask deferring the actual migration to when the task
    wakes up.  This is worked around by waking up idle workers after
    restoring CPU affinity before any workers can become bound.
    Another subtlety is stems from matching @pool->nr_running with the
    number of running unbound workers.  While DISASSOCIATED, all workers
    are unbound and nr_running is zero.  As workers become bound again,
    nr_running needs to be adjusted accordingly; however, there is no good
    way to tell whether a given worker is running without poking into
    scheduler internals.  Instead of clearing UNBOUND directly,
    rebind_workers() replaces UNBOUND with another new NOT_RUNNING flag -
    REBOUND, which will later be cleared by the workers themselves while
    preparing for the next round of work item execution.  The only change
    needed for the workers is clearing REBOUND along with PREP.
    * This patch leaves for_each_busy_worker() without any user.  Removed.
    * idle_worker_rebind(), busy_worker_rebind_fn(), worker->rebind_work
      and rebind logic in manager_workers() removed.
    * worker_thread() now looks at WORKER_DIE instead of testing whether
      @worker->entry is empty to determine whether it needs to do
      something special as dying is the only special thing now.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTejun Heo <tj@kernel.org>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarLai Jiangshan <laijs@cn.fujitsu.com>
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