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blkcg: move blkio_group_stats to cfq-iosched.c

blkio_group_stats contains only fields used by cfq and has no reason
to be defined in blkcg core.

* Move blkio_group_stats to cfq-iosched.c and rename it to cfqg_stats.

* blkg_policy_data->stats is replaced with cfq_group->stats.
  blkg_prfill_[rw]stat() are updated to use offset against pd->pdata

* All related macros / functions are renamed so that they have cfqg_
  prefix and the unnecessary @pol arguments are dropped.

* All stat functions now take cfq_group * instead of blkio_group *.

* lockdep assertion on queue lock dropped.  Elevator runs under queue
  lock by default.  There isn't much to be gained by adding lockdep
  assertions at stat function level.

* cfqg_stats_reset() implemented for blkio_reset_group_stats_fn method
  so that cfqg->stats can be reset.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTejun Heo <>
parent 9ade5ea4
......@@ -417,25 +417,6 @@ blkiocg_reset_stats(struct cgroup *cgroup, struct cftype *cftype, u64 val)
struct blkio_policy_type *pol;
list_for_each_entry(pol, &blkio_list, list) {
struct blkg_policy_data *pd = blkg->pd[pol->plid];
struct blkio_group_stats *stats = &pd->stats;
/* queued stats shouldn't be cleared */
blkio_reset_stats_cpu(blkg, pol->plid);
if (pol->ops.blkio_reset_group_stats_fn)
......@@ -549,13 +530,13 @@ static u64 blkg_prfill_stat(struct seq_file *sf, struct blkg_policy_data *pd,
int off)
return __blkg_prfill_u64(sf, pd,
blkg_stat_read((void *)&pd->stats + off));
blkg_stat_read((void *)pd->pdata + off));
static u64 blkg_prfill_rwstat(struct seq_file *sf, struct blkg_policy_data *pd,
int off)
struct blkg_rwstat rwstat = blkg_rwstat_read((void *)&pd->stats + off);
struct blkg_rwstat rwstat = blkg_rwstat_read((void *)pd->pdata + off);
return __blkg_prfill_rwstat(sf, pd, &rwstat);
......@@ -64,46 +64,6 @@ struct blkg_rwstat {
uint64_t cnt[BLKG_RWSTAT_NR];
struct blkio_group_stats {
/* total bytes transferred */
struct blkg_rwstat service_bytes;
/* total IOs serviced, post merge */
struct blkg_rwstat serviced;
/* number of ios merged */
struct blkg_rwstat merged;
/* total time spent on device in ns, may not be accurate w/ queueing */
struct blkg_rwstat service_time;
/* total time spent waiting in scheduler queue in ns */
struct blkg_rwstat wait_time;
/* number of IOs queued up */
struct blkg_rwstat queued;
/* total sectors transferred */
struct blkg_stat sectors;
/* total disk time and nr sectors dispatched by this group */
struct blkg_stat time;
/* time not charged to this cgroup */
struct blkg_stat unaccounted_time;
/* sum of number of ios queued across all samples */
struct blkg_stat avg_queue_size_sum;
/* count of samples taken for average */
struct blkg_stat avg_queue_size_samples;
/* how many times this group has been removed from service tree */
struct blkg_stat dequeue;
/* total time spent waiting for it to be assigned a timeslice. */
struct blkg_stat group_wait_time;
/* time spent idling for this blkio_group */
struct blkg_stat idle_time;
/* total time with empty current active q with other requests queued */
struct blkg_stat empty_time;
/* fields after this shouldn't be cleared on stat reset */
uint64_t start_group_wait_time;
uint64_t start_idle_time;
uint64_t start_empty_time;
uint16_t flags;
/* Per cpu blkio group stats */
struct blkio_group_stats_cpu {
/* total bytes transferred */
......@@ -126,7 +86,6 @@ struct blkg_policy_data {
/* Configuration */
struct blkio_group_conf conf;
struct blkio_group_stats stats;
/* Per cpu stats pointer */
struct blkio_group_stats_cpu __percpu *stats_cpu;
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