Commit 2873ead7 authored by Paul Moore's avatar Paul Moore
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Revert "selinux: fix the default socket labeling in sock_graft()"

This reverts commit 4da6daf4


Unfortunately, the commit in question caused problems with Bluetooth
devices, specifically it caused them to get caught in the newly
created BUG_ON() check.  The AF_ALG problem still exists, but will be
addressed in a future patch.

Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Moore <>
parent 4da6daf4
......@@ -987,10 +987,7 @@ static inline void security_free_mnt_opts(struct security_mnt_opts *opts)
* Retrieve the LSM-specific secid for the sock to enable caching of network
* authorizations.
* @sock_graft:
* This hook is called in response to a newly created sock struct being
* grafted onto an existing socket and allows the security module to
* perform whatever security attribute management is necessary for both
* the sock and socket.
* Sets the socket's isec sid to the sock's sid.
* @inet_conn_request:
* Sets the openreq's sid to socket's sid with MLS portion taken from peer sid.
* @inet_csk_clone:
......@@ -4499,18 +4499,9 @@ static void selinux_sock_graft(struct sock *sk, struct socket *parent)
struct inode_security_struct *isec = SOCK_INODE(parent)->i_security;
struct sk_security_struct *sksec = sk->sk_security;
switch (sk->sk_family) {
case PF_INET:
case PF_INET6:
case PF_UNIX:
if (sk->sk_family == PF_INET || sk->sk_family == PF_INET6 ||
sk->sk_family == PF_UNIX)
isec->sid = sksec->sid;
/* by default there is no special labeling mechanism for the
* sksec label so inherit the label from the parent socket */
sksec->sid = isec->sid;
sksec->sclass = isec->sclass;
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