Commit 308d3165 authored by jbrunet's avatar jbrunet Committed by David S. Miller
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dt: bindings: net: use boolean dt properties for eee broken modes

The patches regarding eee-broken-modes was merged before all people
involved could find an agreement on the best way to move forward.

While we agreed on having a DT property to mark particular modes as broken,
the value used for eee-broken-modes mapped the phy register in very direct
way. Because of this, the concern is that it could be used to implement
configuration policies instead of describing a broken HW.

In the end, having a boolean property for each mode seems to be preferred
over one bit field value mapping the register (too) directly.

Cc: Florian Fainelli <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJerome Brunet <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 57f39862
......@@ -38,8 +38,14 @@ Optional Properties:
- enet-phy-lane-swap: If set, indicates the PHY will swap the TX/RX lanes to
compensate for the board being designed with the lanes swapped.
- eee-broken-modes: Bits to clear in the MDIO_AN_EEE_ADV register to
disable EEE broken modes.
- eee-broken-100tx:
- eee-broken-1000t:
- eee-broken-10gt:
- eee-broken-1000kx:
- eee-broken-10gkx4:
- eee-broken-10gkr:
Mark the corresponding energy efficient ethernet mode as broken and
request the ethernet to stop advertising it.
* This header provides generic constants for ethernet MDIO bindings
* EEE capability Advertisement
#define MDIO_EEE_100TX 0x0002 /* 100TX EEE cap */
#define MDIO_EEE_1000T 0x0004 /* 1000T EEE cap */
#define MDIO_EEE_10GT 0x0008 /* 10GT EEE cap */
#define MDIO_EEE_1000KX 0x0010 /* 1000KX EEE cap */
#define MDIO_EEE_10GKX4 0x0020 /* 10G KX4 EEE cap */
#define MDIO_EEE_10GKR 0x0040 /* 10G KR EEE cap */
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