Commit 5433ba36 authored by Anish Bhatt's avatar Anish Bhatt Committed by David S. Miller
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cxgb4: Fix endian bug introduced in cxgb4 dcb patchset

 This patch fixes warnings generated by sparse as pointed out by kbuild test
 robot, please apply to net-next. Applies on top of
commit 79631c89 ("trivial: net/irda/irlmp.c:
Fix closing brace followed by if")

v2: cleanup submission as per davem's feedback

Fixes: 76bcb31e

 ("cxgb4 : Add DCBx support codebase  and dcbnl_ops")
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnish Bhatt <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 79631c89
......@@ -488,12 +488,12 @@ static void cxgb4_setpfccfg(struct net_device *dev, int priority, u8 pfccfg)
pcmd.op_to_portid |= cpu_to_be32(FW_PORT_CMD_APPLY);
pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.type = FW_PORT_DCB_TYPE_PFC;
pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen = cpu_to_be16(pi->dcb.pfcen);
pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen = pi->dcb.pfcen;
if (pfccfg)
pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen |= cpu_to_be16(1 << priority);
pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen |= (1 << priority);
pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen &= cpu_to_be16(~(1 << priority));
pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen &= (~(1 << priority));
err = t4_wr_mbox(adap, adap->mbox, &pcmd, sizeof(pcmd), &pcmd);
......@@ -501,7 +501,7 @@ static void cxgb4_setpfccfg(struct net_device *dev, int priority, u8 pfccfg)
pi->dcb.pfcen = be16_to_cpu(pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen);
pi->dcb.pfcen = pcmd.u.dcb.pfc.pfcen;
static u8 cxgb4_setall(struct net_device *dev)
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