Commit 63d37a84 authored by Al Viro's avatar Al Viro
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vfs: umount_tree() might be called on subtree that had never made it

__mnt_make_shortterm() in there undoes the effect of __mnt_make_longterm()
we'd done back when we set ->mnt_ns non-NULL; it should not be done to
vfsmounts that had never gone through commit_tree() and friends.  Kudos to
lczerner for catching that one...

Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <>
parent 46ce341b
......@@ -1074,8 +1074,9 @@ void umount_tree(struct mount *mnt, int propagate, struct list_head *kill)
if (p->mnt_ns)
p->mnt_ns = NULL;
if (mnt_has_parent(p)) {
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