Commit 66acd258 authored by Geert Uytterhoeven's avatar Geert Uytterhoeven
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m68k: amiga core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings

warning: ignoring return value of 'request_irq', declared with attribute
Signed-off-by: default avatarGeert Uytterhoeven <>
parent c85627fb
......@@ -72,10 +72,14 @@ static struct irq_controller amiga_irq_controller = {
void __init amiga_init_IRQ(void)
request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_1, ami_int1, 0, "int1", NULL);
request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_3, ami_int3, 0, "int3", NULL);
request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_4, ami_int4, 0, "int4", NULL);
request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_5, ami_int5, 0, "int5", NULL);
if (request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_1, ami_int1, 0, "int1", NULL))
pr_err("Couldn't register int%d\n", 1);
if (request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_3, ami_int3, 0, "int3", NULL))
pr_err("Couldn't register int%d\n", 3);
if (request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_4, ami_int4, 0, "int4", NULL))
pr_err("Couldn't register int%d\n", 4);
if (request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_5, ami_int5, 0, "int5", NULL))
pr_err("Couldn't register int%d\n", 5);
m68k_setup_irq_controller(&amiga_irq_controller, IRQ_USER, AMI_STD_IRQS);
......@@ -176,5 +176,7 @@ void __init cia_init_IRQ(struct ciabase *base)
/* override auto int and install CIA handler */
m68k_setup_irq_controller(&auto_irq_controller, base->handler_irq, 1);
request_irq(base->handler_irq, cia_handler, IRQF_SHARED, base->name, base);
if (request_irq(base->handler_irq, cia_handler, IRQF_SHARED,
base->name, base))
pr_err("Couldn't register %s interrupt\n", base->name);
......@@ -493,7 +493,8 @@ static void __init amiga_sched_init(irq_handler_t timer_routine)
* Please don't change this to use ciaa, as it interferes with the
* SCSI code. We'll have to take a look at this later
request_irq(IRQ_AMIGA_CIAB_TA, timer_routine, 0, "timer", NULL);
if (request_irq(IRQ_AMIGA_CIAB_TA, timer_routine, 0, "timer", NULL))
pr_err("Couldn't register timer interrupt\n");
/* start timer */
ciab.cra |= 0x11;
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