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firewire: ohci: increase AT req. retries, fix ack_busy_X from Panasonic camcorders and others

Camcorders have a tendency to fail read requests to their config ROM and
write request to their FCP command register with ack_busy_X.  This has
become a problem with newer kernels and especially Panasonic camcorders,
causing AV/C in dvgrab and kino to fail.  Dvgrab for example frequently
logs "send oops"; kino reports loss of AV/C control.  I suspect that
lower CPU scheduling latencies in newer kernels made this issue more
prominent now.

According to
this can be fixed by configuring the FireWire controller for more
hardware retries for request transmission; these retries are evidently
more successful than libavc1394's own retry loop (typically 3 tries on
top of hardware retries).

Presumably the same issue has been reported at and


In a quick test with a JVC camcorder (which didn't malfunction like the
reported camcorders), this change decreased the number of ack_busy_X
from 16 in three runs of dvgrab to 4 in three runs of the same capture
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Richter <>
parent b0068549
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ static inline struct fw_ohci *fw_ohci(struct fw_card *card)
#define CONTEXT_DEAD 0x0800
#define CONTEXT_ACTIVE 0x0400
#define OHCI1394_MAX_AT_REQ_RETRIES 0x2
#define OHCI1394_MAX_AT_REQ_RETRIES 0xf
#define OHCI1394_MAX_AT_RESP_RETRIES 0x2
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