Commit 8fe7a268 authored by Tetsuo Handa's avatar Tetsuo Handa Committed by Serge Hallyn
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tomoyo: Fix pathname calculation breakage.

Commit 7177a9c4

 ("fs: call rename2 if exists") changed
"struct inode_operations"->rename == NULL if
"struct inode_operations"->rename2 != NULL .

TOMOYO needs to check for both ->rename and ->rename2 , or
a system on (e.g.) ext4 filesystem won't boot.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTetsuo Handa <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSerge E. Hallyn <>
parent 52addcf9
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ static char *tomoyo_get_local_path(struct dentry *dentry, char * const buffer,
* Use filesystem name if filesystem does not support rename()
* operation.
if (!inode->i_op->rename)
if (!inode->i_op->rename && !inode->i_op->rename2)
goto prepend_filesystem_name;
/* Prepend device name. */
......@@ -282,7 +282,8 @@ char *tomoyo_realpath_from_path(struct path *path)
* Get local name for filesystems without rename() operation
* or dentry without vfsmount.
if (!path->mnt || !inode->i_op->rename)
if (!path->mnt ||
(!inode->i_op->rename && !inode->i_op->rename2))
pos = tomoyo_get_local_path(path->dentry, buf,
buf_len - 1);
/* Get absolute name for the rest. */
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