Commit 9864fc32 authored by Don Mahurin's avatar Don Mahurin Committed by Philippe Gerum
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arm64/ipipe: initialize __ipipe_hrclock_freq with timer freq.

For this arm64 implementation, __ipipe_hrclock_freq is
__ipipe_hrtimer_freq, and 'ipipe_select_timers' requires
__ipipe_hrclock_freq to be set before __ipipe_hrtimer_freq is
parent d09b1373
......@@ -584,6 +584,7 @@ static struct __ipipe_tscinfo tsc_info;
void __init __ipipe_tsc_register(struct __ipipe_tscinfo *info)
tsc_info = *info;
__ipipe_hrclock_freq = info->freq;
void __ipipe_mach_get_tscinfo(struct __ipipe_tscinfo *info)
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