Commit cda9dd42 authored by Andreas Gruenbacher's avatar Andreas Gruenbacher Committed by Bob Peterson
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gfs2: Large-filesystem fix for 32-bit systems

Commit ff34245d

 switched from iget5_locked to iget_locked among other
things, but iget_locked doesn't work for filesystems larger than 2^32
blocks on 32-bit systems.  Switch back to iget5_locked.  Filesystems
larger than 2^32 blocks are unrealistic to work well on 32-bit systems,
so this is mostly a code cleanliness fix.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndreas Gruenbacher <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBob Peterson <>
parent ec5ec66b
......@@ -37,19 +37,34 @@
#include "super.h"
#include "glops.h"
static int iget_test(struct inode *inode, void *opaque)
u64 no_addr = *(u64 *)opaque;
return GFS2_I(inode)->i_no_addr == no_addr;
static int iget_set(struct inode *inode, void *opaque)
u64 no_addr = *(u64 *)opaque;
GFS2_I(inode)->i_no_addr = no_addr;
inode->i_ino = no_addr;
return 0;
static struct inode *gfs2_iget(struct super_block *sb, u64 no_addr)
struct inode *inode;
inode = iget_locked(sb, no_addr);
inode = iget5_locked(sb, no_addr, iget_test, iget_set, &no_addr);
if (!inode)
return inode;
if (is_bad_inode(inode)) {
goto repeat;
GFS2_I(inode)->i_no_addr = no_addr;
return inode;
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