Commit ce7585f3 authored by Alex Williamson's avatar Alex Williamson
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vfio/pci: Allow VPD short read

The size of the VPD area is not necessarily 4-byte aligned, so a
pci_vpd_read() might return less than 4 bytes.  Zero our buffer and
accept anything other than an error.  Intel X710 NICs exercise this.

Fixes: 4e1a6355

 ("vfio/pci: Use kernel VPD access functions")
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Williamson <>
parent 089f1c6b
......@@ -749,7 +749,8 @@ static int vfio_vpd_config_write(struct vfio_pci_device *vdev, int pos,
if (pci_write_vpd(pdev, addr & ~PCI_VPD_ADDR_F, 4, &data) != 4)
return count;
} else {
if (pci_read_vpd(pdev, addr, 4, &data) != 4)
data = 0;
if (pci_read_vpd(pdev, addr, 4, &data) < 0)
return count;
*pdata = cpu_to_le32(data);
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