Commit f2d1362f authored by Nicolai Stange's avatar Nicolai Stange Committed by Herbert Xu
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lib/mpi: mpi_write_sgl(): fix skipping of leading zero limbs

Currently, if the number of leading zeros is greater than fits into a
complete limb, mpi_write_sgl() skips them by iterating over them limb-wise.

However, it fails to adjust its internal leading zeros tracking variable,
lzeros, accordingly: it does a

  p -= sizeof(alimb);

which should really have been a

  lzeros -= sizeof(alimb);

Since lzeros never decreases if its initial value >= sizeof(alimb), nothing
gets copied by mpi_write_sgl() in that case.

Instead of skipping the high order zero limbs within the loop as shown
above, fix the issue by adjusting the copying loop's bounds.

Fixes: 2d4d1eea

 ("lib/mpi: Add mpi sgl helpers")
Signed-off-by: default avatarNicolai Stange <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <>
parent 3cf9d84e
......@@ -380,7 +380,9 @@ int mpi_write_to_sgl(MPI a, struct scatterlist *sgl, unsigned *nbytes,
buf_len = sgl->length;
p2 = sg_virt(sgl);
for (i = a->nlimbs - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
for (i = a->nlimbs - 1 - lzeros / BYTES_PER_MPI_LIMB,
i >= 0; i--) {
alimb = a->d[i];
p = (u8 *)&alimb2;
......@@ -401,17 +403,12 @@ int mpi_write_to_sgl(MPI a, struct scatterlist *sgl, unsigned *nbytes,
#error please implement for this limb size.
if (lzeros > 0) {
if (lzeros >= sizeof(alimb)) {
p -= sizeof(alimb);
} else {
mpi_limb_t *limb1 = (void *)p - sizeof(alimb);
mpi_limb_t *limb2 = (void *)p - sizeof(alimb)
+ lzeros;
*limb1 = *limb2;
p -= lzeros;
y = lzeros;
lzeros -= sizeof(alimb);
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