Commit fe33cc1e authored by Boaz Harrosh's avatar Boaz Harrosh
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exofs: dbg-print less

Iner-loops printing is converted to EXOFS_DBG2 which is #defined
to nothing.

It is now almost bareable to just leave debug-on. Every operation
is printed once, with most relevant info (I hope).
Signed-off-by: default avatarBoaz Harrosh <>
parent 58311c43
......@@ -41,6 +41,8 @@
#define EXOFS_DBGMSG2(M...) do {} while (0)
struct page_collect {
struct exofs_sb_info *sbi;
struct request_queue *req_q;
......@@ -198,7 +200,7 @@ static int __readpages_done(struct osd_request *or, struct page_collect *pcol,
page_stat = ret;
EXOFS_DBGMSG(" readpages_done(0x%lx, 0x%lx) %s\n",
EXOFS_DBGMSG2(" readpages_done(0x%lx, 0x%lx) %s\n",
inode->i_ino, page->index,
page_stat ? "bad_bytes" : "good_bytes");
......@@ -370,12 +372,12 @@ try_again:
if (len != PAGE_CACHE_SIZE)
zero_user(page, len, PAGE_CACHE_SIZE - len);
EXOFS_DBGMSG(" readpage_strip(0x%lx, 0x%lx) len=0x%zx\n",
EXOFS_DBGMSG2(" readpage_strip(0x%lx, 0x%lx) len=0x%zx\n",
inode->i_ino, page->index, len);
ret = pcol_add_page(pcol, page, len);
if (ret) {
EXOFS_DBGMSG("Failed pcol_add_page pages[i]=%p "
EXOFS_DBGMSG2("Failed pcol_add_page pages[i]=%p "
"this_len=0x%zx nr_pages=%u length=0x%lx\n",
page, len, pcol->nr_pages, pcol->length);
......@@ -482,7 +484,7 @@ static void writepages_done(struct osd_request *or, void *p)
update_write_page(page, page_stat);
EXOFS_DBGMSG(" writepages_done(0x%lx, 0x%lx) status=%d\n",
EXOFS_DBGMSG2(" writepages_done(0x%lx, 0x%lx) status=%d\n",
inode->i_ino, page->index, page_stat);
length += bvec->bv_len;
......@@ -609,7 +611,7 @@ try_again:
goto fail;
EXOFS_DBGMSG(" writepage_strip(0x%lx, 0x%lx) len=0x%zx\n",
EXOFS_DBGMSG2(" writepage_strip(0x%lx, 0x%lx) len=0x%zx\n",
inode->i_ino, page->index, len);
ret = pcol_add_page(pcol, page, len);
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