1. 18 Feb, 2015 9 commits
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      configfs: configfs_create() init callback is never NULL and it never fails · c88b1e70
      Al Viro authored
      ... so make it return void and drop the check for it being non-NULL
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>
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      switch ll_lookup_finish_locks() and ll_revalidate_it_finish() to inode · dbca51dd
      Al Viro authored
      Note that ll_prep_inode() in the latter does *not* modify ->d_inode;
      it expects non-negative dentry, and in such cases ll_prep_inode() doesn't
      modify *inode - it only uses the value.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>
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      Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net · f5af19d1
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull networking updates from David Miller:
       1) Missing netlink attribute validation in nft_lookup, from Patrick
       2) Restrict ipv6 partial checksum handling to UDP, since that's the
          only case it works for.  From Vlad Yasevich.
       3) Clear out silly device table sentinal macros used by SSB and BCMA
          drivers.  From Joe Perches.
       4) Make sure the remote checksum code never creates a situation where
          the remote checksum is applied yet the tunneling metadata describing
          the remote checksum transformation is still present.  Otherwise an
          external entity might see this and apply the checksum again.  From
          Tom Herbert.
       5) Use msecs_to_jiffies() where applicable, from Nicholas Mc Guire.
       6) Don't explicitly initialize timer struct fields, use setup_timer()
          and mod_timer() instead.  From Vaishali Thakkar.
       7) Don't invoke tg3_halt() without the tp->lock held, from Jun'ichi
       8) Missing __percpu annotation in ipvlan driver, from Eric Dumazet.
       9) Don't potentially perform skb_get() on shared skbs, also from Eric
      10) Fix COW'ing of metrics for non-DST_HOST routes in ipv6, from Martin
          KaFai Lau.
      11) Fix merge resolution error between the iov_iter changes in vhost and
          some bug fixes that occurred at the same time.  From Jason Wang.
      12) If rtnl_configure_link() fails we have to perform a call to
          ->dellink() before unregistering the device.  From WANG Cong.
      * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net: (39 commits)
        net: dsa: Set valid phy interface type
        rtnetlink: call ->dellink on failure when ->newlink exists
        com20020-pci: add support for eae single card
        vhost_net: fix wrong iter offset when setting number of buffers
        net: spelling fixes
        net/core: Fix warning while make xmldocs caused by dev.c
        net: phy: micrel: disable NAND-tree for KSZ8021, KSZ8031, KSZ8051, KSZ8081
        ipv6: fix ipv6_cow_metrics for non DST_HOST case
        openvswitch: Fix key serialization.
        r8152: restore hw settings
        hso: fix rx parsing logic when skb allocation fails
        tcp: make sure skb is not shared before using skb_get()
        bridge: netfilter: Move sysctl-specific error code inside #ifdef
        ipv6: fix possible deadlock in ip6_fl_purge / ip6_fl_gc
        ipvlan: add a missing __percpu pcpu_stats
        tg3: Hold tp->lock before calling tg3_halt() from tg3_init_one()
        bgmac: fix device initialization on Northstar SoCs (condition typo)
        qlcnic: Delete existing multicast MAC list before adding new
        net/mlx5_core: Fix configuration of log_uar_page_sz
        sunvnet: don't change gso data on clones
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      Merge tag 'md/3.20-fixes' of git://neil.brown.name/md · 0d695d6d
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull md bugfixes from Neil Brown:
       "Three bug md fixes for 3.20
        yet-another-livelock in raid5, and a problem with write errors to
        4K-block devices"
      * tag 'md/3.20-fixes' of git://neil.brown.name/md:
        md/raid5: Fix livelock when array is both resyncing and degraded.
        md/raid10: round up to bdev_logical_block_size in narrow_write_error.
        md/raid1: round up to bdev_logical_block_size in narrow_write_error
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      Merge tag 'please-pull-fixmcelog' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ras/ras · d96c757e
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull mcelog regression fix from Tony Luck:
       "Fix regression - functions on the mce notifier chain should not be
        able to decide that an event should not be logged"
      * tag 'please-pull-fixmcelog' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ras/ras:
        x86/mce: Fix regression. All error records should report via /dev/mcelog
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      Merge tag 'docs-fix' of git://git.lwn.net/linux-2.6 · fbe4da49
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull DocBook build fix from Jonathan Corbet:
       "Fix the DocBook build failure caused by the move of the i2o subsystem
        to the staging tree"
      * tag 'docs-fix' of git://git.lwn.net/linux-2.6:
        Fix docs build failure caused by i2o removal
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      Merge branch 'for-3.20' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux · 533cf7ae
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull nfsd bugfixes from Bruce Fields:
       "These are fixes for two bugs introduced during the merge window"
      * 'for-3.20' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux:
        nfsd4: fix v3-less build
        nfsd: fix comparison in fh_fsid_match()
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      md/raid5: Fix livelock when array is both resyncing and degraded. · 26ac1073
      NeilBrown authored
      Commit a7854487
        md: When RAID5 is dirty, force reconstruct-write instead of read-modify-write.
      Causes an RCW cycle to be forced even when the array is degraded.
      A degraded array cannot support RCW as that requires reading all data
      blocks, and one may be missing.
      Forcing an RCW when it is not possible causes a live-lock and the code
      spins, repeatedly deciding to do something that cannot succeed.
      So change the condition to only force RCW on non-degraded arrays.
      Reported-by: default avatarManibalan P <pmanibalan@amiindia.co.in>
      Bisected-by: default avatarJes Sorensen <Jes.Sorensen@redhat.com>
      Tested-by: default avatarJes Sorensen <Jes.Sorensen@redhat.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarNeilBrown <neilb@suse.de>
      Fixes: a7854487
      Cc: stable@vger.kernel.org (v3.7+)
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      Merge branch 'lazytime' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/viro/vfs · 03891159
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull lazytime mount option support from Al Viro:
       "Lazytime stuff from tytso"
      * 'lazytime' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/viro/vfs:
        ext4: add optimization for the lazytime mount option
        vfs: add find_inode_nowait() function
        vfs: add support for a lazytime mount option
  2. 17 Feb, 2015 31 commits