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    boilerplate/setup: cobalt: do not advertise non-RT CPUs to applications · bed7acf3
    Philippe Gerum authored
    The CPU affinity mask in __base_setup_data.cpu_affinity - which may be
    set by --cpu-affinity - is conventionally checked by applications for
    determining which CPUs are usable for real-time duties.
    Over Cobalt, we need to make sure that such mask reflects the set of
    CPUs available for running real-time threads as defined by the core
    (i.e. /proc/xenomai/affinity), in absence of --cpu-affinity
    Otherwise, some applications like switchest looking at an empty
    affinity mask may wrongly assume that all CPUs are available for
    running RT threads, leading to a failure when manually pinning such
    thread to an invalid (non-RT) CPU.
    With current Cobalt core and I-pipe releases not fixed for gracefully
    handling invalid domain migration requests over a non-RT CPU, such a
    failure may trigger a kernel panic.
    Signed-off-by: Philippe Gerum's avatarPhilippe Gerum <rpm@xenomai.org>
    Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka's avatarJan Kiszka <jan.kiszka@siemens.com>
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