Commit 6bb5cf69 authored by Jan Kiszka's avatar Jan Kiszka Committed by Philippe Gerum
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cobalt/tracing: Enhance cobalt_switch_context tracepoint

Adding PIDs and the state of the previous task will allow to track
Xenomai task switches in kernelshark (so far via out-of-tree patches,
upstream is planning for the necessary plugin concept).

Moreover, reporting the current priority on context switch helps
debugging unexpected or delayed context switches

Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka's avatarJan Kiszka <>
parent 301cb731
......@@ -186,21 +186,33 @@ TRACE_EVENT(cobalt_switch_context,
__field(struct xnthread *, prev)
__field(struct xnthread *, next)
__string(prev_name, prev->name)
__field(pid_t, prev_pid)
__field(int, prev_prio)
__field(unsigned long, prev_state)
__field(struct xnthread *, next)
__string(next_name, next->name)
__field(pid_t, next_pid)
__field(int, next_prio)
__entry->prev = prev;
__entry->next = next;
__assign_str(prev_name, prev->name);
__entry->prev_pid = xnthread_host_pid(prev);
__entry->prev_prio = xnthread_current_priority(prev);
__entry->prev_state = prev->state;
__entry->next = next;
__assign_str(next_name, next->name);
__entry->next_pid = xnthread_host_pid(next);
__entry->next_prio = xnthread_current_priority(next);
TP_printk("prev=%p(%s) next=%p(%s)",
__entry->prev, __get_str(prev_name),
__entry->next, __get_str(next_name))
TP_printk("prev=%p(%s) prev_pid=%d prev_prio=%d prev_state=0x%lx ==> next=%p(%s) next_pid=%d next_prio=%d",
__entry->prev, __get_str(prev_name), __entry->prev_pid,
__entry->prev_prio, __entry->prev_state,
__entry->next, __get_str(next_name), __entry->next_pid,
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