Commit a7cfe3ba authored by Philippe Gerum's avatar Philippe Gerum
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utils/corectl: fix handling of argument to --stop (grace period)

parent 580d1ed8
......@@ -62,10 +62,10 @@ void application_usage(void)
fprintf(stderr, "--status query Xenomai/cobalt status\n");
static int core_stop(int grace_period)
static int core_stop(__u32 grace_period)
return cobalt_corectl(_CC_COBALT_STOP_CORE,
&grace_period, sizeof(&grace_period));
&grace_period, sizeof(grace_period));
static int core_start(void)
......@@ -106,7 +106,8 @@ static int core_status(void)
int main(int argc, char *const argv[])
int lindex, c, grace_period = 0, ret;
__u32 grace_period = 0;
int lindex, c, ret;
for (;;) {
c = getopt_long_only(argc, argv, "", options, &lindex);
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