Commit e1c30cf3 authored by Wolfgang Grandegger's avatar Wolfgang Grandegger Committed by Jan Kiszka
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cobalt/rtdm: fix memory leak in rtdm_irq_free()

The space allocated for irq stats in xnintr_init() will not be freed
by rtdm_irq_free(), because it just calls xnintr_detach(). Replacing
it with xnintr_destroy() fixes the issue.
Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Grandegger's avatarWolfgang Grandegger <>
Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka's avatarJan Kiszka <>
parent 65a608ec
......@@ -857,7 +857,7 @@ static inline int rtdm_irq_free(rtdm_irq_t *irq_handle)
if (!XENO_ASSERT(COBALT, xnsched_root_p()))
return -EPERM;
return 0;
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