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      boilerplate: add heapmem allocator · dc63a21a
      Philippe Gerum authored
      This is the umpteenth incarnation of the McKusick allocator, aimed at
      replacing other allocators which have serious issues:
      - TLSF is fast but not that good when it comes to memory overhead with
        small sizes (i.e. < 512 bytes) on 64bit.
      - heapobj-pshared has decent overhead figures but may be insanely slow
        at deallocating blocks from large, hot heaps.
      - the Cobalt core allocator is even worse than heapobj-pshared in
        deallocating blocks, although the system heap should be generally
        small enough not to trigger the most pathological cases in practice,
        hopefully. Nevertheless, the performances are unacceptable.
      The original McKusick algorithm implements a quick fit allocation
      scheme, based on bucket management of ^2-sized chunks, which
      automatically switches to a page-based allocation method for blocks
      larger than twice the base page size.
      This variant maintains the free page list in AVL trees for fast
      lookups of multi-page memory ranges, and pages holding bucketed memory
      have a quick allocation bitmap to manage their blocks internally.
      The current implementation can replace TLSF for delivering
      process-local memory with similar performances but lesser overhead
      with small sizes. Most importantly, a kernel variant of HEAPMEM should
      replace the Cobalt core allocator. Likewise, heapobj-pshared which is
      beyond repair should be replaced with a process-shareable variant as
      well, assuming the average size and allocation patterns of real-time
      objects are similar in all contexts.