1. 16 Nov, 2014 16 commits
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      cobalt/rtdm/mutex: fix rtdm_mutex_timedlock() · ef0992d6
      Philippe Gerum authored
      The fast path in rtdm_mutex_timedlock() was terminally broken by the
      not-so-recent addition of fast locks to RTDM-based kernel mutexes. As
      a matter of fact, the xnthread_try_grab() helper suffered multiple
      breakages, including the lack of update to the underlying fastlock
      word to reflect a successful locking operation.
      To this end, we introduce xnsynch_try_acquire() which properly
      attempts to grab the requested mutex on behalf of the current thread,
      and call it as a drop-in replacement for xnthread_try_grab().  Callers
      fall back to xnsynch_acquire() on failure to put a fast grab on the
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  4. 09 Nov, 2014 2 commits
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      cobalt/kernel/rtdm: drop obsolete rt_dev API · 93a96753
      Philippe Gerum authored
      The situation is now:
      - the inter-driver API (i.e. kernel-based) consists of the set of
        rtdm_*() calls (e.g. rtdm_open(), rtdm_socket(), etc).
      - the user-space API for talking to RTDM device drivers is the Cobalt
        implementaiton of the regular POSIX API (e.g. open, socket, read,
        write, sendmsg, recvmsg etc.), available from libcobalt.  libcobalt
        is implicitly available to all POSIX and non-POSIX applications in
        user-space, i.e. applications can use the Cobalt implementation of
        the regular POSIX I/O services regardless of their API of choice.
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