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    benchmarks/latmus: measure response time to GPIO events · 568e21d3
    Philippe Gerum authored
    Measure response time to GPIO events sent by a remote Zephyr-based
    latency monitor (latmon). This monitor collects then sends the latency
    data over a network connection to the latmus front-end which displays
    the results received:
    [Linux device under test running latmus]  <--+
            ^                 | (GPIO ack)       |
            |                 |                  |  TCP/IP network connection
            |                 |                  |  (control & data samples)
            | (GPIO pulse)    v                  |
    [Zephyr-based device running latmon]      <--+
    The generic latency monitor code running the measurement loop is
    available from the zephyr/ directory. This support comes with a Zephyr
    device tree patch for enabling this monitor on NXP's FRDM-K64F
    development board.