Commit 0aea00c3 authored by Stefano Babic's avatar Stefano Babic
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Move patches for kernel to dynami layers

Patches were tested only with linux-stable, so move them and add only if
linux-stable is taken.

TODO: check patches with linux-yocto, too.

Signed-off-by: Stefano Babic's avatarStefano Babic <>
parent d6a0f967
......@@ -27,4 +27,5 @@ BBFILES += "${@' '.join('${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/%s/recipes*/*/*.bb' % layer
security:${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/security/*/*/*.bb \
mainlinecommon-layer:${LAYERDIR}/dynamic-layers/mainlinecommon-layer/*/*/*.bb \
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