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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.3.2
    ba7564f5 · Prepare 0.3.2 ·
    shared library: Link against zlib
    Always fsync file writes
    Treat '=' as an illegal character in variable names
    libuboot_env: fix calculation of usable envsize
    Correct initialisations in libuboot_configure
    Force writing of environment if default is used
    libuboot_env: correct length to usable env size length
    libuboot_env_store: fix env double-null termination
    uboot_env: fix infinite loop on short read (EOF)
  • v0.3.1
    824551ac · Prepare 0.3.1 ·
    Fix file reading/writing when the environment is in EEPROM
    Fix regression in UBI volume support
    Define SOVERSION to indicate API version
  • v0.3
    ad253cfd · Prepare 0.3 ·
    Release 0.3
    - add pkg-config support
    - add multilib support
    - Allow negative offsets like old tools
    - Cleanup and use coverity
    - Fixes
  • v0.2
    bf6ff631 · Prepare 0.2 ·
    - Fixes
    - Support for environment in UBI
  • v0.1
    First release of the library