Commit 213ff323 authored by Stefano Babic's avatar Stefano Babic
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swupdate: bump to revision e1df95fa

This includes the following changes:

e1df95fa compare_versions: make is_oldstyle_version fail when number > 65535
8ca165e1 cosmetic: align help output in suricatta
25f1f120 Utility: detect and return root device
af1addbf cosmetic: sort entries in getopt list
127b23b3 doc: add SPDX to documentation files
e5f5b788 REUSE: add .reuse/dep5 for files without SPDX
c1cc2804 REUSE: drop not used BSD-2-Clause license
1b41348e REUSE: add OFL-1.1 license
c356dec2 LICENSES: update list of licenses
056cde2f doc: explain versioning schemas in SWUpdate
cc9b6218 doc: add missing documentation for Webserver parms
50747d0f doc: drop obsolete reference to legacy web application
0053dee2 doc: fix sphinx warnings due to wrong indentation
4c0025c8 README: show REUSE badge
057d6337 mtd: fix flash_erase_sector
bcc6f7d9 channel_curl: Remove leftover comment after 859be4a
b47f94d3 (denx/master) CI: add missing dependency libpci-dev
6f952493 doc: add CIP talk about SWUpdate
0d349bcf diskpart: ensure expected filesystems are present/created
f4b149db Doc: Update building with Yocto
60514a1f channel_curl: Add maximum download speed limit
97d37105 mke2fs/ext2fs: remove check for casefold and encrypt
c1a18b74 diskpart: ensure diskpart format is enabled if fstype is set
37163fff IPC: add status streaming support
859be4a8 channel_curl: Add ability to define a set of custom HTTP headers
25a21e30 doc encrypted_images: remove generating keys from password
4de12481 doc swupdate.rst: clarify execution order for scripts
2beab61f Lua: Replace lightuserdata to fix LuaJIT on aarch64 with 48bit VA
c7860675 channel_curl: Let curl use default system cacert bundle path
68867fb7 Replace CONFIG_DISABLE_CPIO_CRC with dynamic check
8bb47ef6 Simplify footprint for get_cpiohdr
0b93eb40 diskpart: resolve symlinks for fdisk_assign_device
fa4a27a2 doc: Fix documentation for nolock/noinuse to match implementation.
c96ccf9f Create and destroy scripts/datadst temp folders on install.
07d30be7 flash: allow to erase just a part of device
f0170ea6 mtd: add flash_erase_sector
d04c986c Make usage of strtobool function
24017b88 doc: describe usage of swupdate-image class in OE
a2487795 diskpart: fix computed partname when device is a symlink
8b4bb8e3 boot_handler: Check for copyimage() failure
7124297d Remove travis integration
b44e1ede Progress: fix socket send return error check
Signed-off-by: Stefano Babic's avatarStefano Babic <>
parent 5eb8efff
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ require
SRCREV ?= "eef1767f0cfc8b7cb6b718ebcb80386de1ebf1ed"
SRCREV ?= "e1df95fa64a205b8a0abf7a30003f554e471c5ed"
PV = "2021.04+git${SRCPV}"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://LICENSES/GPL-2.0-only.txt;md5=4ee23c52855c222cba72583d301d2338 \
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