Commit 26cc2024 authored by Stefano Babic's avatar Stefano Babic
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swupdate: bump to version 7c78773

This includes the following changes:

7c78773 channel_curl: Support for custom headers
09fd046 channel_curl: Strip newline from received key-unique headers
413e81f Lua: Improve LuaJIT / Lua 5.1 compatibility
ee8bf12 scripts: Fix format-overflow compiler warning
9ed68f2 state: Rename reset_state() to unset_state()
bcb7c2d cpio header: Add support for newc format
f8ee098 IPC: Add bounds check for SET_UPDATE_STATE IPC call
3fb504c doc: handlers: Describe property decompressed-size
8e6187f handlers: ubivol: add property decompressed-size
33ed601 encrypted images: Test other key lengths
907315b doc: encrypted images: Using different key lenghts
4ea0899 encrypted images: Implement other key lengths in providers
cfb2917 encrypted images: Accept other AES key lengths
aed6e94 doc: encrypted images: Add a PKCS#11 section
1b56d69 doc: Add note on the PKCS#11 libraries
30f81ef pkcs11: Differentiate key handling based on config
3bb2c19 Kbuild: Add PKCS11 option
7d961aa pkcs11: Implement based on wolfSSL and p11-kit
816cec1 sslapi: Add wolfSSL compatibility macro
b214f6a mongoose: Hide deprecated function for wolfSSL
ba8c4a8 Makefile.flags: Add missing wolfSSL definitions
d2491dd sslapi: Add X509 related wolfSSL definitions
6f9a761 sslapi: Move CMS-only functions to conditional
fa1ba52 Rename wolfSSL incompatible definition
7fe9b4a Kbuild: Add wolfSSL as SSL implementation
0f03c06 channel_curl: Introduce support for PATCH method
16e10c4 channel_curl: Make setting channel operation method symmetric
61d5e28 channel_curl: Rename to channel_callback_ipc()
372f9c0 channel_curl: Pass through dry_run flag
daa98b7 suricatta: Adapt to CHANNEL_PARSE_NONE
0e54840 channel_curl: Make CHANNEL_PARSE_RAW actually "parse"
c5b7b53 channel_curl: Consolidate effective URL logging
440f0af channel_curl: get_file: use log function
330d053 channel_curl: put: use log function, respect nocheckanswer
3075c60 channel_curl: post: use log & buffer functions, respect nocheckanswer
795b0ea channel_curl: Factor out channel reply log handling
5465058 channel_curl: Factor out channel reply buffer handling
39f0827 channel_curl: Consolidate curl verbose setting
eede9a3 channel_curl: Make setting request_body symmetric
e6c98b4 bootloader: remove cruft
eb1f7d8 rsa_verify_mbedtls: Support RSA PSS
fa9d27c hawkBit: Fix spelling of hawkBit
d46655b core: Refactor config file reading to fail early
9e0bcaa encrypted images: Prevent premature decryption end
8c43208 doc: Update SWUpdate's understood command line parameters
5987e62 doc: Fix typo in suricatta's general HTTP server description
b9cceb8 examples: Update configuration file example
744def0 encrypted images: fix one block sized image decryption
a464d8d Make logcolors optional in configuration file
a5e2e5c diskpart: do not write to disk if partitions do not change
036e858 Replace WARN with ERROR if save_state fails
bc47fdd parser: add result of version check in TRACE
602ab84 doc: encrypted images: Add note on ivt attribute
347ab28 doc: Mention general HTTP server in suricatta's introduction
1b68a3b doc: Fix sphinx warning about unterminated bullet list
5507fec Configure colors for stdout / stderr
185ec65 lua: BUG in LuaStackDump causes SEGV
d39dd41 Move artifact version check to inner parsing loop
7e88bfb diskpart: fix crash in case if GPT
21136eb Save Update State after each update
3cd4e82 Make save_state available to coprocesses
5af74e1 Start network threads before processes
25ba0a9 Fix progress info message so it can be embedded in a JSON doc
0297485 doc: extend example for diskpart
b968508 Fix typo in update status report
a4f06c3 doc: add ELC 2020 talks with SWUpdate
9b8b498 diskpart: fix adding more as 4 partitions
019edd7 examples: client: add port as argument for
e41004b handlers: ubivol: add property always-remove
1f4189c Regression: allow SW version comparisons as strings
Signed-off-by: Stefano Babic's avatarStefano Babic <>
parent ffa0420a
......@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ require
SRCREV ?= "20c30531b6be6e379aafb1425d56481578f36c1b"
SRCREV ?= "7c787739bb5d915b8f9006d6b4702f3eb329b63c"
PV = "2020.04+git${SRCPV}"
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