Commit 68673ce3 authored by Stefano Babic's avatar Stefano Babic
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swupdate: bump to version 088b65d

This includes the following changes:

088b65d test: make requirement for gawk explicit
f2719f4 README: add link to list of features
9a65443 hawkbit: process_notification_thread shall check data_avail before status
064f5a7 Fix coverity #292124
ae32ad7 Fix coverity #292113
0938c8b Fix coverity #292117
fe7c90d Travis for coverity
587c631 core: Fix CID 292204 copyfile() out parameter check
ddc9479 core: Fix CID 292180 save_stream() check read error
46f4700 suricatta: Fix CID 292131 constant dead code guard
bb6ec4b core: Fix CID 292129 save_stream() fd leak
6c8a4dc ipc: Fix trailing whitespace in network_ipc.c
a0ba1d7 ipc: Fix CID 292125 network_ipc prepare_ipc()
171c675 core: Fix CID 292110 cpio_utils extract_sw_description()
b21a5ae Fix coverity #292168
d777853 Fix coverity #292154
79e6c2c Fix coverity #292118
a53445f handlers: swuforward: Fix CID 292163 and 292165
e0e1376 diskpart: fix coverity #292144
bc4a149 core: Fix whitespace issues in network_thread.c
6491901 core: Fix CID 292193 argument cannot be negative
6dd7c5f mongoose: Fix CID 292194 logically dead code
c223d7c core: Fix CID 292152 bad shift operation
e8e15dd doc: improve link with reference documentation
b27b139 Replace strncpy() with strlcpy()
f628881 Fix coverity #292212
ca00d83 Introduce strlcpy() as string copy replacement
89b3d7a Fix coverity #292111 in swupdate-sysrestart
aa71c29 Fix double free when splitargs is called
5d4f42a Do not raise ERROR if MTD is not present
9c41b06 Fix resource leak #292188 in flash_handler
60fe9ea Fix resource leak in extract_scripts
b66ad34 mtd-interface: replace LIST_FOREACH with LIST_FOREACH_SAFE
855947e parser: replace LIST_FOREACH with LIST_FOREACH_SAFE
b1adbb2 diskpart: replace LIST_FOREACH with LIST_FOREACH_SAFE
3f2221f (tag: 2020.04-rc1) Prepare 2020.04-rc1
e757cbc BUG: all images runs in streaming mode
548ed79 IPC: do not overwrite message type
e44925d tools: explicit send destination for IPC command
2441933 Permit a per artefact IV to decrypt
aa97f75 IPC: extend to set AES key
f01e637 util: export function to set AES key
fe0ef95 util: export ascii_to_bin funtion
ffd30f1 util: just move static function at the beginning
f9aeae2 Drop "confirm" from configuration file
affe2c9 hawkbit: configure if to use token when getting file
Signed-off-by: Stefano Babic's avatarStefano Babic <>
parent e6a6ac98
......@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ require
SRCREV ?= "f735ee78dd342dc02e4ca9c71730cc24836dec1c"
SRCREV ?= "088b65d02aacc1d444eb08d508277d297fd69acf"
PV = "2019.11+git${SRCPV}"
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