Commit 7f7ebbc7 authored by Pierre-Jean Texier' via swupdate's avatar Pierre-Jean Texier' via swupdate Committed by Stefano Babic
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swupdate: bump to revision f735ee7

This includes the following changes:

f735ee7 test: fix hawkbit test case
8963660 Use SSL conditionally in general suricatta variant
ea50cc6 hawkbit: send log of the update to the server
6896f25 Factorize snescape function
43471fc IPC: add get_status_timeout
8fb94d7 Intercepts the output of shell scripts
c981949 Factorize calls of system()
aa6ff03 Rename token field in curl structure
c3450e2 hawkbit: free not called by setting token
a732367 Fix SIGALG_RSAPSS with mbed TLS
a4ebb98 Use SSL provider for mongoose
c20be59 Do not traces messages for progress interface
2c1c8b8 tools: swupdate-hawkbitcfg: print returned IPC message
a19e03d tools: swupdate-hawkbitcfg: set IPC message length
4110532 stream_interface: Keep reading the cpio padding
d465647 Move fixed option into core directory
119173d swupdate-progress: fix warning
cbf02f8 Support systems without locale in toolchain
ab4994c doc: Add command line arguments for suricatta and downloader.
9a64781 suricatta: added option to bind to interface/IP address.
86f273c swupdate-progress: allow to call a script after an update
857cde1 examples: add enable attribute to suricatta section
68026ae suricatta: add enable / disable at startup
4cf3d1e server_hawkbit: do not raise error in case of unrecognized option
afac0f0 server_general: do not raise error in case of unrecognized option
f66b259 Remove warning in swupdate-sysrestart
2dd2200 parser: value for bootloader reused
9c4044f util: Fix memory leak
3e1f167 doc: Remove special handling of "data" volume
87d04b9 handlers: ubivol: Special handling for zero sized volumes
792a4af swupdate: run pre-update command hook earlier
af717f0 Makefile: Fix out of tree build for tools
0dac45d swupdate-sysrestart: Fix potential buffer overflow
abdd651 util: Add missing includes
f884f11 diskpart_handler: Fix printf format warnings
b00d2eb suricatta: Add missing includes
a8dd938 rsa_verify_mbedtls: Add missing includes
bdbcb75 IPC: Add missing includes
74a3134 swupdate: Fix printf format warning
f8a49af parser: Fix printf format warnings
88e6c3e Makefile: Fix out of tree build for documentation
0a43820 Do not hardcode install path
edaa956 doc: document IPC to suricatta daemon
8ca8e77 tools: enhance swupdate-hawkbitcfg
e705a76 suricatta: add IPC copmmand to enable / disable
06162a1 suricatta: factorize server_tokenize_msg
5d5a371 hawkbit: rename server_set_polling_interval
28984ab Factorize IPC to suricatta
b99481d Send version string to progress interface
4383dec travis: add libfdisk for disk handler
27f2c96 configs: add config to build all handlers
237d5a4 Add disk partitioner handler
d00f462 parser: relax partition check
f1c9d26 handlers: trim trailing whitespace
84c19b8 doc: handlers: trim trailing whitespaces
56b2f1b doc: handlers: add readback handler documentation
5428017 handlers: add readback handler
e155f2b Updated defconfigs
82a157e bootloader: drop suppport for legacy U-Boot tools
b0bbbbe webserver: do not flood with ERROR when IPC ic closed
16f44d8 Run all partition's handlers in case of streaming
3445052 swupdate_file_setnonblock: simply returns from fcntl
08e755d ssbl handler: removed testcode used for development
8b20916 doc: build swupdate-sysrestart man page
a668db5 test: temporary disable some tests for Hawkbit
e261300 Drop target suricatta-tests
3e6c378 test: fix suricatta-tests and move them to tests
d1336c3 lua: pass parameter string to lua scripts
da851ce doc: document language bindings
8a42ef5 Bindings: Implement control socket binding for Lua
01f0b52 IPC: factor out pthread-based methods
7f4e63f travis: set libgpiod version
cfe8fea server_general: fix polldelay option
88b85c3 Webserver: drop multiplication factor for monitoring
98b0ee9 Webserver: write to IPC in non blocking mode
2be647d util: global function to set non blocking mode
f104511 mongoose: set receive limit to 256KB
033ce81 mongoose: SPDX and GPLv2 license
aa35322 Fix warnings in mongoose code
c99c796 Updated mongoose to 6.16
9b2a236 doc: fix build of man pages
5de3bc3 Prepare 2019.11
9fe934b examples: add timeout to Webserver setup
6d8179a doc: new roadmap after 2019.11
503993c doc: update swupdate-sendtohawkbit.{cfg -> rst}
4ab9d7b Webserver: drop help for API
37089b0 Webserver: monitor and check for lost connection
eff52c0 Protect define of ARRAY_SIZE
cd4439f webserver: drop dead code for V1
Signed-off-by: default avatarPierre-Jean Texier <>
parent af5119b4
......@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ require
SRCREV ?= "e9df70498e604febf6ff9d56ce742522094cebd5"
SRCREV ?= "f735ee78dd342dc02e4ca9c71730cc24836dec1c"
PV = "2019.11+git${SRCPV}"
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