Commit a233ac5c authored by Pierre-Jean Texier's avatar Pierre-Jean Texier Committed by Stefano Babic
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swupdate: bump to revision 2d98b2c

This includes the following changes:

2d98b2c correct missing goto in swuforward_handler causing curl failure to be overwritten as successful
301dc57 read_lines_notify: fix segfault if a program prints a line starting with \0
371d693 Add support for setting hybrid dos partition entries.
ae6ef03 suricatta: wrong exit from server.send_target_data
3914d2b util: Extend get_root to find LUKS devices
388f177 util: Add get_root source /proc/self/mountinfo
043bdeb building-with-yocto.rst: fix whitespace errors
1f3c9d2 building-with-yocto.rst: Document automatic versions
ca01568 doc: improve 'best practise' spelling and wording
8e4c326 Add optional CMS single signer verification
c4ff683 diskpart: refactor partition table comparison into separate function
06080d8 diskpart: refactor partition table fill into separate function
e43cb24 doc: add hints and best practise
4687f1e diskpart: fix bug in partition comparision of autogenerated sizes
1cd84eb REUSE: add SPDX to files in examples
be654c7 diskpart: check fdisk_create_disklabel return
aae966c diskpart: disable fdisk dialog driven partitioning
3c70984 diskpart: format filesystem only if partition table is changed
531d4ca BUG: buffer overflow with semantic version > 50
a040310 gitlab-ci: Add REUSE header
b6c0adb Remove unused OpenSSL exception
ef373fc doc: Add CC0-1.0 to license overview
e42c1b1 doc: Correct GPL-2 references in license overview
b7908c7 configs: Add HASH_VERIFY to no_ssl_defconfig
2643d78 ci: Run all tests
1439351 Correct tpyos found by Lintian
3612a85 Correct SWUpdate Logo license
Signed-off-by: default avatarPierre-Jean Texier <>
parent 81986274
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ require
SRCREV ?= "47a1246435fdb78fba15cc969596994130412956"
SRCREV ?= "2d98b2cda207ee1bf1efe9b97c296ece28402352"
PV = "2021.04+git${SRCPV}"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://LICENSES/GPL-2.0-only.txt;md5=4ee23c52855c222cba72583d301d2338 \
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