Commit dff42d41 authored by Joris Offouga's avatar Joris Offouga Committed by Stefano Babic
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swupdate: bump to version 4ad398c

This includes the following changes:

4ad398c Add option to disable cpio CRC check
be8f129 Makefile: fix the tests target
a11c349 acceptance-tests: signatures work only with CMS
4b38d2d acceptance-tests: libconfig and raw config
e2fd804 Bump size of ivt_ascii field to 33 bytes to include zero-terminator
9983cce ascii_to_bin: rework interface to accept destination length
e7400c5 ascii_to_bin: rename arguments to clarify function
8a11494 _progress_ipc_connect: in case of reconnect option disabled return error instead of exit
d789039 signature: ifdef for mbedtls public key operations
589d3c9 Move swupdate_dgst_init to the right place
13e4f3e configs: remove debian_defconfig
1af7b70 doc: fix wrong rendering of command line parms
d406578 tools: fix coverity #292171 in swupdate-progress
40093b0 suricatta: drop dead code
b8015d4 swupdate-progress: fix psplash_fifo_dir
81f5378 chmod a-x on jpg and png files of the website
19ed53a Set 2020.04 as version in documentation
1ef1e2d Consolidate variable naming for the dry run option
Signed-off-by: default avatarJoris Offouga <>
parent a81a753c
......@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ require
SRCREV ?= "1a6dfbb5a0be978ac1a159758e278ab4d44167e2"
SRCREV ?= "4ad398cbe137d01180a7094cfdea974a943e1f1e"
PV = "2020.04+git${SRCPV}"
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