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tbot example repository
This repository lays out an example directory structure which could be
used for working with tbot. It is tuned to the use-case where multiple
developers work on the same project and want to reuse the testcases.
## Overview
To allow writing generic testcases that work for every developer, even
when their setups differ vastly, all 'lab'-specific logic has to be
extracted into the config.
Testcases can call into this logic via common interfaces defined in
`config/`. The developer-specific lab-config then implements
these interfaces.
Each developer has a file like `config/` which contains the
lab-config and lab-specific board-config. The Board's software (U-Boot
& Linux) is the same for everyone in most cases so it is only defined once
in `config/`.
Additionally, each developer has an args file like `args/hws` for ease of
use. This file contains their personal tbot command-line arguments that
are passed on each invocation. One line is one separate arg. This file
passes the dev's config as both lab- and board-config (see `args/hws` for
an example).
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