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Version 0.6.5

== Added ==
- `Machine.lh`: You can access the lab-host from every machine now.  The idea
  behind this is to allow access to lab-specific configuration in a much
  easier way.
- `mach.env()` can now be used to set environment variables as well:
  `env("name", "value")`
- `-p` for setting testcase parameters.  Provided values are parsed
  using `eval`, so be careful ... Example:

  $ tbot -p int_param=42 -p boolean=True -p string=\'str\'

== Changed ==
- You can now use `--log=` to suppress the creation of a log file.

== Fixed ==
- `selftest_path_stat` assuming the existence of `/dev/sda`, which makes
  it fail on systems without this block device.
- tbot will now only color its output if appropriate.
  It honors [CLICOLOR](