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Version 0.7.0

== Added ==
- Read commandline arguments from files:  You can now specify a file using
  @filename and each line from that file will be interpreted as a commandline
- A man-page: doc/tbot.1!
- tbot.named_testcase: Define testcases with a different name in log-files
  than the function name.  The motivation is to reduce name ambiguity
  (e.g. `` and `` would both be called `build` in the
  log).  This also affects the testcases name when calling it from the
  commandline (you have to use the new name).

== Changed ==
- The U-Boot build testcase has been completely rewritten.  You will need to
  adapt you board config to work with the new version:

  * The build-info no longer exists, instead you define a `UBootBuilder`.  Take
    a look at the docs to see available options.
  * The build attribute of your U-Boot machine must now be an **instance** of
    your `UBootBuilder`, **not** the class itself.

      Example of the new config:

      from tbot.machine import board
      from import uboot

      class MyUBootBuilder(uboot.UBootBuilder):
          name = "my-builder"
          defconfig = "my_defconfig"
          toolchain = "generic-armv7a-hf"

      class MyUBootMachine(board.UBootMachine):
          build = MyUBootBuilder()

== Fixed ==
- `boot_to_shell` is no longer a public method of BoardLinux machines.