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Version 0.7.1

== Added ==
- `tbot.acquire_local()`: Quick access to a localhost machine
- `LinuxMachine.home`: Path to the current user's home
- `LocalLabHost.tbotdir`: tbot's current working directory on the localhost (either
  from where you ran `tbot` or the path given with `-C`)
- ``:  Testcases for modifying a kernel config file
- `login_delay`: Time to wait before logging in on the board.  This should
  allow working with boards that clobber the console a lot during boot.

== Changed ==
- Unknown parameters are now ignored if running multiple testcases so
  you can specify parameters that are just relevant to a single one.
- `SSHMachine`s now use `NoneAuthenticator` by default.

== Fixed ==
- `selftest`s sometimes failing if dropbear does not start fast enough
- `SSHMachine`s using the local user's home dir instead of the one on the
- Local channels now correctly end the session which fixes weird bugs like
  picocom not being able to reaquire the shell.