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Version 0.8.0

The machine interface was completely overhauled.  Please read the [migration
guide]( for more info.

== Added ==
- `@tbot.with_lab`, `@tbot.with_uboot`, and `@tbot.with_linux` decorators to
  make writing testcase much simpler
- `linux.RedirStdout(f)` & `linux.RedirStderr(f)`: Redirect stdout and stderr symbols
- `Machine.init()` hook to call custom code after the machine was initialized.
  This can be used, for example, to init network manually in U-Boot.
- `` testcase
- `tbot.skip()`: Skip a testcase
- `Machine.clone()`: Attempt creating a copy of a machine.  The two copies
  allow parallel interaction with the same host.

== Changed ==
- `linux.BuildMachine` is now a mixin called `linux.Builder`
- `linux.LabHost` is now a mixin called `linux.Lab`
- `linux.LinuxMachine` should be replaced by `linux.LinuxShell`
- `LabHost.new_channel()` was removed in favor of `LinuxShell.open_channel()`.
  `open_channel()` consumes the machine it is called on which means the
  equivalent to `new_channel()` now is:

      with mach.clone() as cl:
          chan = cl.open_channel("telnet", "")

== Removed ==
- `exec0(stdout=f)`: Redirection should be done using `RedirStdout`.
- `linux.Env(var)`: Environment-Variable substitution is hard to control.  It
  is much easier to just use `mach.env(var)`.

== Fixed ==
- `Path.__fspath__()` erroneously returning a result, even though the contract
  that is assumed with this method cannot be upheld by tbot.