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Version 0.8.1

== Added ==
- Added `LinuxShell.glob()` method for easily using shell globs.
- Added parameters to `LinuxShell.subshell()` which can be used to spawn
  custom subshells.
- Added `linux.RedirBoth` to redirect both stdout and stderr to the same
- Added `UBootShell.ram_base` property to learn the RAM base address in
- Added a write blacklist to channels.  This feature can be used to
  disallow tests sending certain control characters.
- Added a `do_build()` step to `UBootBuilder` which can be used to
  customize the command used for building U-Boot.
- Empty `tbot_contrib` module for the future :)

== Changed ==
- Made `SSHConnector` based machine cloneable (if the underlying host is
- Made `tbot.testcase` also work as a context-manager.  This can be used
  to define 'sub-tests' in a function.  Example:

  with tbot.testcase("my_sub_testcase"):

== Fixed ==
- Fixed U-Boot and board-Linux not saving the bootlog to the log-event.
- Fixed tbot happily printing special characters as part of a command which was
  sent (in the log).
- Fixed selftests failing in some rare circumstances because a subprocess
  is not properly terminated or when bash is slow.
- Removed use of the deprecated `time.clock()` function.
- Properly check stdout encoding.
- Fixed `read_iter` sometimes passing negative timeout values to the
  underlying channel IO.
- Fixed tbot hanging on zero-byte `Channel.send()` call.
- Fixed `lnx.env()` behaving incorrectly when an environment variable has
  a value which looks like an `echo`-option.
- Fixed a bug caused by passing `"\n^"` as a parameter (bash interprets this as
  a kind of history expansion).
- Fixed `UBootShell` not properly escaping `\` and `'`.
- Fixed `ub.env()` failing on environment variables with weird values.