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Version 0.8.3

== Added ==
- Added `ensure_sd_unit()` testcase/util-function which starts systemd
  services if not yet running.
- `tbot.error` module as a central place for defining all exception types.
- Added a `PyserialConnector` to connect to a serial port using PySerial.
- super-verbose mode (`-vvv`) now prefixes each output line with a channel
  identifier to help separate what data came from which channel.
- Added a `Channel.read_until_timeout()` method for reading all data until
  a timeout is reached (or an Exception is thrown).
- Added `find_ip_address()` testcase/util-function to discover the IP
  address of a machine.
- One can now pass a custom line-ending to `Channel.readline()` incase the
  remote does not behave properly and send `\r\n` for every line.
- Added a `Channel.add_death_string()` method which is like
  `.with_death_string()` but not a context-manager.  The death string is
  added for the entire lifetime of the channel with this new method.

== Changed ==
- tbot now prints all passed flags on start (and thus also stores this
  info in the log-file).
- The `\e[K` is passed through to make output from programs like
  ninja-build prettier.

== Fixed ==
- Fixed an issue where the path returned by `mach.workdir` would be
  associated with a wrong host machine.
- Fixed bash completions for `@args` not properly dealing with
- Fixed `login_delay` for board-linux not behaving as documented and in
  some circumstances leading to a login without waiting.