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Version 0.9.2

== Added ==
- Added a new `strip_ansi_escapes()` utility in `tbot_contrib.utils`
  which can be used to remove e.g. color escape codes from command
- Added a `hashcmp()` utility in `tbot_contrib.utils` to compare the
  hashsum of two files (which may be located on different machines).
- Added the `py.typed` marker for type-checkers (see PEP 561).

== Fixed ==
- Fixed the order of instance teardown in `keep_alive` contexts.  This
  fixes any kinds of problems due to wrong teardown order of dependent
  machines (e.g.  lab-host torn down before a board machine).
- Fixed selftests failing due to deprecation of `ssh-rsa` algorithm.
- Fixed `find_ip_address()` not working when a local address is passed
  as the `route_target`.