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Here we do a couple of impovements for all ARC boards
as well as introduce yet another developemnt board.

1. Now for ARC boards we print CPU and board info
   which is useful for users and helps with
   analysis of logs "post-mortem".

2. Synopsys IoT development kit support is added
   This one might bw a bit too late as we're past RC1
    1) This doesn't affect any other arches etc
       as we change purely ARC code.
    2) I've got a chance to talk about U-Boot on
       IoT platforms during ELCE (my proposal was on
       a wait list and only this week I've got
       an update and invitation to talk) so it would
       be good to have this board as a primer in upstream
       code-base by the time of ELCE 2018.
    3) For complete support of IoT devkit I'm yet to
       significantly rework regmap subsystem in U-Boot
       but that's a different topic and hopefully it will
       be done sometime soon... though not this release
       cycle for sure.