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    arm: mach-k3: common: Make sure firmware sections are loaded prior to armv8 startup · ee91d465
    Nishanth Menon authored and Tom Rini's avatar Tom Rini committed
    With Device Manager firmware in an elf file form, we cannot load the FIT
    image to the exact same address as any of the executable sections of the
    elf file itself is located.
    However, the device tree descriptions for the ARMV8 bootloader/OS
    includes DDR regions only the final sections in DDR where the Device
    Manager firmware is actually executing out of.
    As the R5 uC is usually operating at a slower rate than an ARMv8 MPU,
    by starting the Armv8 ahead of parsing the elf and copying the correct
    sections to the required memories creates a race condition where the
    ARMv8 could overwrite the elf image loaded from the FIT image prior to
    the R5 completing parsing and putting the correct sections of elf in
    the required memory locations. OR create rather obscure debug conditions
    where data in the section is being modified by ARMV8 OS while the elf
    copy is in progress.
    To prevent all these conditions, lets make sure that the elf pa...
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