Commit 7026b888 authored by Aswath Govindraju's avatar Aswath Govindraju Committed by Tom Rini
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environment: ti: k3_dfu: Increase the size allocated for bootloader images in dfu_alt_info_ram

The size of u-boot.img is above 1MB and that of tispl.bin is close to 1MB,
in case of j721e. Therefore, increase the sizes allocated for tispl.bin and
u-boot.img to 2 MB and 4 MB respectively, in dfu_alt_info_ram environment
Signed-off-by: default avatarAswath Govindraju <>
parent fa7a1457
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
#define DFU_ALT_INFO_RAM \
"dfu_alt_info_ram=" \
"tispl.bin ram 0x80080000 0x100000;" \
"u-boot.img ram 0x81000000 0x100000\0" \
"tispl.bin ram 0x80080000 0x200000;" \
"u-boot.img ram 0x81000000 0x400000\0" \
#endif /* __TI_DFU_H */
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