Commit 880e4768 authored by Alper Nebi Yasak's avatar Alper Nebi Yasak Committed by Simon Glass
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tools: Fix default target compile tools in Python tools

In commit 1e4687aa ("binman: Use target-specific tools when
cross-compiling"), a utility function was implemented to get preferred
compilation tools using environment variables like CC and CROSS_COMPILE.
Although it intended to provide custom default tools (same as those in
the global Makefile) when no relevant variables were set (for example
using "gcc" for "cc"), it is only doing so when CROSS_COMPILE is set and
returning the literal name of the tool otherwise.

Remove the check for an empty CROSS_COMPILE, which makes the function
use it as an empty prefix to the custom defaults and return the intended

Fixes: 1e4687aa

 ("binman: Use target-specific tools when cross-compiling")
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlper Nebi Yasak <>
parent e712245d
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...@@ -292,8 +292,6 @@ def GetTargetCompileTool(name, cross_compile=None): ...@@ -292,8 +292,6 @@ def GetTargetCompileTool(name, cross_compile=None):
if cross_compile is None: if cross_compile is None:
cross_compile = env.get('CROSS_COMPILE', '') cross_compile = env.get('CROSS_COMPILE', '')
if not cross_compile:
return name, []
if name in ('as', 'ar', 'nm', 'ldr', 'strip', 'objcopy', 'objdump'): if name in ('as', 'ar', 'nm', 'ldr', 'strip', 'objcopy', 'objdump'):
target_name = cross_compile + name target_name = cross_compile + name
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