doc: test: Explain how to run pytests in parallel

Add documentation for this so people can try it out. At present it does
not fully work.

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- Add documentation for how to run parallel tests

test: Try to deal with some co-dependent tests
Tests are supposed to be independent. With driver model tests, the
environment is reset before each test, which ensures that.

With Python tests there is no reset of the board between tests, since we
want to run all the tests as quickly as possible and without needing the
external scripts running constantly.

In principle the Python tests can be independent if they each put the
world back the way they found it, but it turns out that some are not.
This means that some tests cannot be run unless another test is run
first. It also means that tests cannot be run in parallel, e.g. on

This series fixes some of them. Those that remain:

   test_gpt_swap_partitions - not sure?
   test_pinmux_status - not sure?
   test_sqfs_load - cannot be run more than once!
   test_bind_unbind_with_uclass - relies on previous test

The last one would be much better done as a C test, so it doesn't have
to deal with the changing driver tree. There isn't a lot of value in
running the test on a real board, since sandbox should find any bugs
in driver model or the 'bind' command.

If the above can be resolved we can enable parallel tests. On my test
machine (32 threads) it reduces the time from 38 seconds to 7.5s

To use this feature, see the documentaiton added, or:

   pip3 install pytest-xdist

   test/py/ -B sandbox --build-dir /tmp/xx -q -k 'not slow' -n32

Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <>
Change-Id: I4b868f615036d4b8bc4d9f6a8555db49be9f6009
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